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The auction and art dealing game, simpler and more convenient.

After appreciating the difficulties of having to sell art at auction, the complications of having to take works of art to the auctioneer, losing possession of the art work meaning a loss of opportunities of selling the artwork through other means for an extended period of time, together with illustration fees & Buyers’ Premium: We decided to launch, the free online art auction.

Furthermore, when a dealer sells at a traditional auction, lots are kept anonymous which means the dealer fails to enhance their reputation by selling at auction. Selling on may be either anonymously (until auction completion whereby only the buyer is informed of the seller’s details) or by name thereby enhancing the dealer’s reputation and potential customer base.

In order to increase the chances of a sale, it is best to price works moderately within the or below the artists price range and provide a full description and artists’ biography

You can now sell art at auction or gallery style hassle free, create a free account here and start listing, for free, today with our easy and simple signup.


Reasons to be cheerful...

Zero percent Buyer’s Premium

List art and paintings for free

Lowest auction industry commission rates

Keep your art & paintings until auction end

Instant payment at auction end possible

List wanted art and paintings for free

Sell Art at Auction, Online is the best place to sell art online at auction because of convenience; free listing fees and the ability to list digital documents of provenance and authentication in auction format or gallery fixed price & make offer styles.

Plus, get paid a higher price because of zero percent (0%) buyers premium.

Create a free account with free listings here, the home of fine art. It’s an easy and simple signup.

Founder Andrew Welcome

Andrew is CEO of Kent Fine Art Ltd and has 26 years art world experience. He was apprenticed to a an art dealer in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s engaged in research & restoration where he first noticed the inherent problems and costs of selling art and paintings at traditional auctions.

In the mid 1990’s Andrew developed the first software to detect the presence of the Year 2000 Computer Bug.

PayPal Seller Protection

“If you are sent an unauthorised payment – for example, from a hacked account – or a buyer claims they didn't receive their item, our Seller Protection policy covers you for the full amount of the payment on eligible sales.”