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Benezit Dictionary of Artists - English Edition 175,000 artists Bios 14 Volumes

The art connoisseurs’ Bible. 22,000 pages of artists biographies, dates, exhibitions, signatures and auction prices. Valued at over £2,000!!!

About the Benezit Dictionary of Artists

Since its first publication in 1911, the Benezit Dictionary of Artists has become one of the most comprehensive and definitive resources of artists’ biographies available. Revered for its global scope and its excellent coverage of European artists, Benezit’s distinguishing features include its entries on obscure artists, historic auction records, and over 11,000 images of artists’ signatures, monograms, and stamps of sale. Benezit is continually updated to reflect new scholarship, with a special focus on contemporary artists with current or recent exhibitions.

Benezit is unique. It’s diverse coverage and detailed histories of artists’ works make it a must-have for collectors, curators, professionals, and students – anyone needing authoritative information on individual artists and the collection, display, and sale of their works. Available alongside the acclaimed Grove Art Online, Benezit offers rare insight into an artist’s life and work.

Oxford University Press:

Key Features of Benezit Include:

·         Nearly 170,000 entries on artists from the first English edition (2006).

·         More than 11,000 images of artists signatures, monograms, and stamps of sale

·         Detailed museum listings, bibliographies, exhibition information, and auction records

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